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In this day and age, home security is something many of us have invested in through various means, whether it’s secure door locks, alarm systems or security lighting. Being vigilant is part of home security and at Ashley Security we believe in being prepared in order to achieve peace of mind. We offer a range of  home security options and install them across Bournemouth and the surrounding areas.


Wireless Alarm Systems Bournemouth

Ashley Security Wireless Alarm Panel

Wireless technology has improved over the years, with reliability and performance improving to the necessary levels for us to be able to provide an effective wireless alarm system that offers a clutter-free and easy alarm service. All systems include a built in communicator which is enabled upon request and with our service coverage across Bournemouth and the surrounding areas, our technical support engineers are ready to answer any questions you may have.

Wireless kits fitted from £425.00+VAT

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CCTV Systems

Ashley-Security Office Security Alarm Panels in Poole, Dorset

CCTV cameras can make a big difference to your property security and they provide an effective deterrent for would-be thieves. We believe in offering the best in security equipment and solutions which will help you protect your property, whether it’s your home or your business.

Our CCTV systems can be hooked up to a television set or individual monitors, whichever is more convenient to you, providing you flexibility and choice. The equipment provides reliable pictures day or night by using infra-red lights and the system will record up to 14 days of footage. We have also created a system where you can access the footage and check your property from wherever you are, offering remote security and convenience. Many benefits include a large storage drive with up to a 1 terabyte drive, dedicated DNS server connection for security and access and multiple choices for accessing the content through your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

CCTV kits fitted and installed

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Hardwired Alarm Systems


Our hardwired intruder alarm systems are designed to comply with NSI requirements and all relevant standards. These alarms can be equipped with different monitoring devices and our engineers can install the equipment with the minimal amount of fuss.

Hardwired Alarm System kits fitted from £525.00+VAT

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